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Blayne, who is 27, is the Director of Creative Services at Beacham & Compnay, REALTORS. Blayne's story does not begin with Beacham & Company, however. Blayne began studying photography at the age of 8 at The Westminster Schools, and in high school she spent a summer abroad studying at the Scuola International di Grafica in Venice, Italy.

After high school, Blayne was accepted into the competitive College of Communications at Boston University, one of the top 5 Photojournalism schools in the country at the time. She worked as a photographer and magazine editor at The Daily Free Press, the school’s newspaper. For two years she shot everything from rallies, to parties, to public figures, including Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, Senator Edward Kennedy, and Johnny Cochran. She took painting classes in addition to her photography work, and considers that a time of extensive artistic growth in her life. Later, she graduated with a BA in History from Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at The University of Georgia in 2006.

After graduating from UGA, Blayne helped Beacham & Company burst onto the Buckhead real estate scene with the company's popular real estate magazine, "The Beacham Series." The magazine has been called "a gift to Atlanta," by one Beacham & Company client and it has found a permanent place on the coffee tables of Buckhead's most prominent citizens. Blayne is the principal photographer for the magazine, and as a result she has become well accomplished as an architectural photographer. Over the last year, Blayne developed a blog called "This Photographer's Life: In Search of a Style," which has enjoyed enormous success and helped to promote Beacham & Company to a new set of consumers. An aspiring artist who has experienced almost overnight success with her first show earlier this year, Blayne demonstrates a growing range of artistic talent seemingly every day.


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